Critique is an independent, non-partisan forum whose goal it is to publish critical assessments of recent monographs on Kant, Kantianism, and German Idealism and related topics or areas (e.g. Romanticism, neo-Kantianism, transcendental philosophy in general, post-Kantianism, etc.). Critique publishes primarily online book symposia where the author of a recent monograph, or any single-authored work of scholarly importance, in the field of Kant or German Idealism scholarship (or any of the above areas), meets his or her critics. It aims at establishing a closer link between readership and authors, supporting scholarly debate at an international level by means of regular virtual Author Meets Critics sessions. In particular, Critique wants to highlight the published work of younger scholars. Occasionally, we also post review essays or critical notices on new and important collection of essays, monographs or other books, or especially important recent journal articles. A new feature of the blog is the critical engagements with particularly noteworthy or controversial books outside philosophy that bear on philosophical issues or take inspiration from philosophical topics in Kant and German Idealism studies.

All contributions are by invitation only (hence, papers are not peer reviewed, though they are read by all three site editors).

NOTE: Since 2020 Critique is inactive, so requests for discussions or reviews are no longer honoured.

If you would like your book (monograph or single-authored introductory book that has scholarly relevance), published after 2015 and whose topic falls within the scope of our aims, to be considered for a book symposium, please let us know by sending a request for consideration to the email address provided below. Books written in either English, German, Italian or French are eligible, but all postings will be in English. If you wish to send your book to us, please contact us first by email so that we can provide you with the postal address of the appropriate editor.

We also invite potential discussants who have expertise in any area of Kant scholarship, Kantianism and/or German Idealism, have a Ph.D. in philosophy and are currently active in research, and generally publish in English, to contact us by sending an email to

amc dot critique at gmail dot com


The information and views set out in the essays published across this forum are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial team of Critique. Responsibility for the information and views expressed therein lies entirely with the author(s).

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