For all posted online sessions, scroll down to the “archives” widget below on the webpage or click on the following links for the complete respective sessions:



Robert Clewis The Kantian Sublime and the Revelation of Freedom (Critics: Paul Guyer & Melissa Zinkin)

Kiyoshi Chiba Kants Ontologie der raumzeitlichen Wirklichkeit (Critics: Henny Blomme & Christian Onof)

Jennifer Mensch Kant’s Organicism: Epigenesis and the Development of Critical Philosophy (Critics: Angela Breitenbach & Hein van den Berg)



Giuseppe Motta Die Postulate des empirischen Denkens überhaupt (Critic: Thomas Teufel)

Stefanie Grüne Blinde Anschauung: Die Rolle von Begriffen in Kants Theorie sinnlicher Synthesis (Critics: Thomas Land & Colin McLear)

Katerina Deligiorgi The Scope of Autonomy: Kant and the Morality of Freedom (Critics: Adrian Piper & Jeppe von Platz)



Sally Sedgwick Hegel’s Critique of Kant (Critics: William Bristow & Sebastian Rand)

Dalia Nassar The Romantic Absolute: Being and Knowing in Early Romantic German Philosophy, 1795–1804 (Critics: Richard Fincham & Reed Winegar)

Kristi Sweet Kant on Practical Life: From Duty to History (Critics: Stefano Bacin & Kate Moran)

Corey Dyck Kant and Rational Psychology (Critics: Andrew Brook, Scott Edgar, Toni Kannisto & Colin Marshall)

Lawrence Pasternack Kant on Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason (Critics: Christopher Insole & Allen Wood)



Lara Ostaric Interpreting Schelling: Critical Essays (Review by Anthony Bruno)

New Work on Hegel (I) (Review essay by Jacco Verburgt)

Nathaniel Goldberg Kantian Conceptual Geography (Critic: Paul L. Franco)

Lucy Allais Manifest Reality: Kant’s Idealism and his Realism (Critics: Colin Marshall & Colin McLear)

Sorin Baiasu Kant and Sartre. Re-Discovering Critical Ethics (Critics: Sacha Golob & Christian Skirke) Sorin Baiasu’s reply is forthcoming

Robert Pippin Die Aktualität des Deutschen Idealismus (Critical Notice by Dennis Schulting)

Courtney Fugate The Teleology of Reason: A Study of the Structure of Kant’s Critical Philosophy (Critic: Huaping Lu-Adler)

Bryan Hall The Post-Critical Kant: Understanding the Critical Philosophy through the Opus postumum (Critics: Hein van den Berg, Jeffrey Edwards & Kenneth Westphal)

Allen Wood The Free Development of Each: Studies on Freedom, Right and Ethics in Classical German Philosophy (Critic: Howard Williams)

Fabian Freyenhagen Adorno’s Practical Philosophy. Living Less Wrongly (Critics: Henry Pickford & Christian Skirke)

Colin McQuillan Immanuel Kant: The Very Idea of a Critique of Pure Reason (Critic: Michael Olson)

Omri Boehm Kant’s Critique of Spinoza (Critics: Sebastian Gardner & Nick Stang)



Robert Hanna Cognition, Content, and the A Priori (Critics: David Landy & Dennis Schulting)

Christopher Insole Kant and the Creation of Freedom. A Theological Problem (Critics: Wolfgang Ertl & David Sussman)

Silvan Imhof Der Grund der Subjektivität. Motive und Potenzial von Fichtes Ansatz (Critics: Dietmar Heidemann/Oliver Motz)

Sidney Axinn Sacrifice and Value: A Kantian Interpretation (Critics: Katerina Deligiorgi & Helga Varden)

Stephen Palmquist Comprehensive Commentary on Kant’s Religion within the Bounds of Bare Reason (Critics: Christina Drogalis, Ronald Green, Susan Meld Shell & Philip Rossi)

David Landy Kant’s Inferentialism: The Case Against Hume (Critics: Anil Gomes & Tim Jankowiak)

Nicholas Stang Kant’s Modal Metaphysics (Critics: Jessica Leech & Andrew Stephenson) Nicholas Stang’s reply is forthcoming

Guido Kreis Negative Dialektik des Unendlichen. Kant, Hegel, Cantor (Critics: Franz Knappik & Damian Bravo Zamora) Guido Kreis’s reply is forthcoming 

Martin Shuster Autonomy after Auschwitz: Adorno, German Idealism, and Modernity (Critics: Charlotte Baumann, Robert Hanna & Henry Pickford)

Dennis Schulting, Kant’s Radical Subjectivism: Perspectives on the Transcendental Deduction (Critics: Paul GiladiSacha Golob & Robert Watt; Reply to Golob, Reply to Watt, Reply to Giladi)



Pauline Kleingeld Kant and Cosmopolitanism (review by Robert Hanna)

New Work on Kant (I) (Review by Jessica Williams)

New Work on Kant (II) (Review by Yoon Choi)

New  Work on Hegel (II) (Review by Joris Spigt)

Wayne Waxman Kant’s Anatomy of the Intelligent Mind (Critics: John Callanan & Colin McLear)

Luigi Caranti, Kant’s Political Legacy: Human Rights, Peace, Progress (Critic: Alice Pinheiro-Walla)

Efraín Lazos, Disonancias de la Crítica. Variaciones sobre cuatro temas kantianos (Critic: Edgar Valdez)

Henry Allison, Kant’s Transcendental Deduction. An Analytical-Historical Commentary (Critics: Michael Friedman, Alison Laywine & Lucy Allais)

Alfredo Ferrarin, Il pensare e l’io. Hegel e la critica di Kant (Critics: Elisa Magrì & Guido Frilli)

Adrian Piper, Rationality and the Structure of the Self, second edition (Critics: Paul Guyer & Richard Bradley)

Richard Eldridge, Images of History. Kant, Benjamin, Freedom, and the Human Subject (Critics: Robert Louden & Alison Ross)

Serena Feloj, Estetica del disgusto. Mendelssohn, Kant e i limiti della rappresentazione (Critic: Alberto Siani)

Alberto Siani, Morte dell’arte, libertà del soggetto. Attualità di Hegel (Critics: Paul Kottman & Valerio Rocco)






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