Currently we have 64 contributors to the site, including for contributions still to be published and review essays, but excluding the Critique editorial team and the authors whose books are reviewed (for the author-meets-critics sessions 34 authors were or will be involved, which would bring the total amount of contributors to the site to 98). All of the contributors are invited. Since launch in September 2013, we have sent out 127 invitations, most of them for the Author-meets-Critics sessions (i.e. 122). Of these, 72 were accepted (the discrepancy between this number and the amount of critics mentioned above is explained by the fact that we are lucky to have some critics on board contributing multiple essays; we should like to thank Colin McLear, Nick Stang, Colin Marshall, Helga Varden, Christian Skirke and Hein van den Berg for their continued support of the site). Note that below the number of invitees refers to the number of invitations.

Of the total number of invitees (127), 95 are men (74.8%) and 32 are women (25.2%). We clearly should do better! However, while noting the rather large discrepancy between the number of men and women invited, there is also a notable difference in the acceptance rate among men and women. Of the 95 men invited, a majority of 61 accepted, of which 5 accepted twice or more; hence an overall acceptance rate of 64.2%. Of the 32 women invited, only 11 accepted, of whom one accepted twice; hence an overall acceptance rate of 34.4%. This difference is statistically significant. We also note that a not insignificant proportion of the women who declined the invitation are early or mid-career scholars, which contrasts sharply with the rate of early or mid-career scholars among men who accept the invitation. In this category, the discrepancy in acceptance rate is even starker. There may be all sorts of reasons for this. We shall however keep trying to get more women involved in the discussions.

With respect to our readership, as of September 11th, 2016, the numbers for the 3 years since our launch in September 2013 are as follows:

Total amount of views:         33,247

Total amount of visitors:      10,881