Critique is not a peer-reviewed journal, but publishes articles solicited by invitation only. All papers are read though by the board.

Editor-in-chief and founding editor:

Dennis Schulting MA Amsterdam PhD Warwick — former Assistant Professor of Metaphysics & the History of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (areas of specialisation: Kant’s theoretical philosophy, Kant’s philosophy of religion, German idealism, philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, consciousness/self-consciousness)


Editorial board members:

Christian Onof MSc Ponts Paris Tech MA Birkbeck PhD Imperial PhD UCL — Reader, Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London, UK & Honorary Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Birkbeck College, London, UK (areas of specialisation: Kant’s theoretical philosophy, Kant’s moral philosophy, Sartre and existential phenomenology, philosophy of mind)

Jacco Verburgt MA Leuven PhD Amsterdam — Research Fellow, Tilburg University, School of Catholic Theology/Department of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, the Netherlands (areas of specialisation: Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant, German idealism, neo-Kantianism, phenomenology)

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